Baby Jogger

Running. It’s one of the easiest forms of exercise. Just lace up your sneakers, put headphones in and out the door you go. It’s one of those exercises that you can do just about anywhere simply by putting one foot in front of the other. Your legs will do most of the work and take you where you want to go, however, you won’t realize just how valuable your arms are until you have limited use of them.


When I started creating my baby registry, there were so many items that we needed, but I knew that I wanted to invest in a good jogging stroller. I wanted to be able to share my love of running with my son and take him with me. I did a lot of research and tried out many different models in the stores. In the end selected the City Mini Baby Jogger Travel System. Not only did I get a stroller, but I got the car seat base, and infant car seat. It was by far my favorite gift to open and I have been so pleased!


The first time I ran with my son, he was about 2 months old. As soon as I started jogging, he fell asleep! It was great! I was going to get my run in and he would get his nap! Perfect! To leave my neighborhood, I have to go up a steep hill. Holy Hill! I could feel my quads and calves burning to propel myself forward up the hill. My arms would have been so helpful, but I was new to running with a stroller and needed both hands on the stroller for fear of losing control. Since that first run, I’ve gotten better, I alternate between holding the stroller with one hand and pumping the other arm. Running with a stroller has gotten so much easier and I absolutely love doing it. But, now I’m so much more aware of my arms when I run and how much of a help they can actually be!


Let me hear from all the mommies out there who run with their little ones in a stroller. What kind of stroller do you use? Are you pleased with with it? How were your first experiences? I’d love to hear your stories!

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