Step 1

Last week, in The Final Straw, I talked about reaching out to a sleep consultant at the Baby Sleep Site. I’ve reached my wits end with my 5 month old son’s sleeping habits and I need specific, outside help. I completed a detailed sleep portfolio of my son and documented his daily schedule, sleep habits, and night wakings. Well, I checked my inbox today and the results are in…


I haven’t been so thorough in reading a document since probably my freshman year of college. But I’ve paid a good amount of money for this personalized sleep plan, so I want to make sure that I understand each and every component of it. Tomorrow, my husband and I  will start the sleep coaching process with our son. The hardest parts for us will be remembering that our son has had 5 months of poor sleep habits, so this coaching will be a process. The second hardest part will be that this coaching is designed to be done in steps. We can’t just make multiple changes at once or we will be met with quite an uprising from one very angry baby.


Step one will be focusing solely on helping him go TO sleep on his own. In order to do that, there’s some prep work that we have have to do. For the rest of this week, we are going to focus on his sleep associations. Since he falls asleep to nursing or taking a bottle, that’s his association. Our sleep consultant recommends that we start to substitute or fade out that association. He can still nurse or have  bottle before bed, but we want to stop feeding him while he is still awake. The next few nights, I’ll focus on that and just rock him while I hold him before putting him down.


I anticipate that we will have many challenges and nights that completely test our patience. But, right now, I keep repeating to myself that he has never known any other way to fall asleep. So starting with small changes will hopefully lead to big changes. The sleep plan definitely covers each area of concern in regards to my son’s sleep. While I can’t wait until the little man can fall asleep on his own, in his crib, and will sleep through the night…for the next few nights, I’ll focus on Step 1.

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