Sweet Firsts

It’s been almost 6 months since I became a mom. In the past 6 months, I have been a part of so many first moments with my son. Some of the highlights are: the first time he came home from the hospital with us after being in the NICU for 15 days, his first smile, the first time he slept for 3 hours in a row, the first time he rolled over, and the first time he recognized me and my husband. But today, I really took the time to slow down and be present with him and we experienced a sweet first together.

Figuring out how to get my son to sleep has been, by far, the biggest challenge I have been facing as a new mom. While we have made progress from the every half hour wake up cries at night, he still wakes and wants to nurse every 2-2.5 hours each night. We have invested in multiple pieces of sleep furniture ranging from a bassinet, to a swing, to a rock and play, to a “glorified rock and play.” It’s been almost a month since he was moved into his room, but his crib still just sits in his room looking pretty.

I’m lucky enough to be able to be home with my son still. So, even though I want our days to go smoothly and be as tear free as possible, I know that it’s up to me to start establishing good sleep habits with him and show him that his crib and his room are safe spaces and places for him to feel calm. He has played in his crib, listened to music in his crib, dozed off in his crib (only to wake a few minutes later upset that he was not with me), but we haven’t gotten a nap done in there yet. As a part of our new Sleep Coaching Plan, I am supposed to start to introduce his crib during naps first so he gets comfortable before putting him in there for the night.

Today, I decided that during his first afternoon nap, he was going to sleep in his crib..no matter what. I wanted to prove to myself that he could do it and I wanted him to feel safe while doing it. Since I decided to put my To Do List off and focus on this small goal, I got to be a part of another sweet first for my little boy. His first nap in his crib! Yay! Yes, I’m that mom that got in the crib with him, but that hour worth of snuggles has been my favorite part of my day. He woke up smiling and reached for me.

If the past 6 months are any indication to how fast time is going to fly by while my son is this little, then I learned a valuable lesson today about slowing down, being present, and enjoying each and every moment with him. Whether those moments are small like his first nap in his crib, or big, like his first steps….I don’t want to miss any.

Mom’s out there, share with me some sweet firsts that you’ve had with your little one!

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