New Opportunities

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them. ~Chris Grosser


It’s a new day and a new month. Did you take any steps to start a change yet? I did!

I completed an application to become a fitness coach today. I have been watching fellow coaches for months and taking note of how they spent their day, their attitudes, and their drive. For months, I’ve been thinking, I could do that! Today, I took the first step by completing that application. Now, I’m waiting for an email response from my leader with next steps.


The scary part of this new fitness coach opportunity is that there is no guarantee that it’ll work out. Whether or not it does is 100% up to me. I have to be driven, I have to be disciplined, and I will have to come way out of my comfort zone if I want to be successful with this! When I’m struggling, or this feels hard, I have to remember why I’m starting…it’s time for a change. I can’t stay down the path I’m on with teaching. I need to create better opportunities for myself so that I can be a happier wife and a happier mom!


Create opportunities for yourself! It’s time!

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