Leaving the Comfort Zone

Do one thing every day that scares you. ~Anonymous

Routine is a comforting component of each day. Knowing what comes next minimizes chances to become anxious or wonder what should happen next. It’s not easy to break from routine once one is established. But if there’s no break in routine, how can anything new happen?


I’m the queen of routine. I thrive on setting schedules and knowing what comes next. As a new mom, I’ve been all about routines and trying to get my little man on a schedule! My goodness, babies make routines difficult! But like I said, I’m trying. That being said, each day presents something new and some kind of new challenge. So my pre-baby, structured self, has had to learn to adapt to new surprises and my new tiny being that relies on me for everything.


While being a Mom is now the most important job in my life. I still have to find time for me, in order to maintain a sense of my identity. So far, to do that, I have figured out how to fit workouts into our daily routine. I either workout while my son plays, or I wear him for naps and do workouts with him attached.


But, that’s become routine. My something new was officially signing up and investing my first amount of money into this new fitness coach position. It scares me to commit to something new because I now have to refigure the daily routine to ensure I’m dedicating time to this new position so that I can make my investment worthwhile.


Therefore, it doesn’t have to be something big, but do something today that breaks up your routine…and maybe takes you out of your comfort zone a little bit.

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