Why Power!

t’s not just about being fit PHYSICALLY. It’s about also being fit MENTALLY. When the mind and body are in the best shape possible, you can become UNSTOPPABLE!! 
Part of this fitness and health coaching is personal development. That’s a newer concept to me. While I’ve done my fair share of professional development as a teacher to improve my practices, I haven’t really ever taken the time to participate in personal development.

I recently finished the book, The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy. This short, 6 chapter book had many powerful ideas and lessons that I connected with and I feel like it would be selfish not to share!
🗯 “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”
As a creature of habit, I know how easy it is to get comfortable in the rhythm of day to day routines, and how easy it is to say “I need to do this” or “I wish I could do that.” STOP the hypotheticals and START making a small change daily to get where you want to be!
🗯 “You alone are responsible for what you do, don’t do, or how you respond to what’s done to you.”
This is an easy one to forget because the blame game is so much easier than taking
responsibility. For me, it can be as simple as not blaming my puppy for being crazy
as the reason why I couldn’t get all my chores and To Do list done.Instead, I have to take the
10-15 minutes to play and get her tired before I’m able to do what I need to do.
🗯 “Forget about willpower. It’s time for why-power. Your choices are only meaningful when you connect them to your desires and dreams. The wisest and most motivating choices are the ones aligned with that which you identify as your purpose, your core self, and your highest values. You’ve got to want something, and know why you want it, or you’ll end up giving up too easily.”
This one requires no explanation because this is the strongest of all!!
Today, uncover your WHY POWER! What drives you to reach you goals? Identify your WHY and go after it each and everyday!

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