Small step equal BIG changes

“It’s not the big things that add up in the end; it’s the hundreds, thousands, or millions of little things that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.” -Darren Hardy


I’m one week into my new journey as a health and fitness coach! I’m so excited that I’ve taken this leap and I am so determined and driven to make this work and do all the little things it’s going to take to grow, change, and develop!


The big things are the end result, accomplishing the goal that was set, meeting the milestone.  But they don’t just happen by waking up and wishing that they will. It’s about the journey, the sacrifices, the choices, the small decisions that are made each and everyday with the big things in mind. Every day presents challenges and there will be times when we question if the big things are really worth it. The key is to remember that no matter how challenging things feel, it won’t get better without change!


I want to share this journey with others. I truly believe that with support, anything can be accomplished! If you’re ready to go after the BIG things by making the small changes, please comment or contact me so we can connect and I can share my leap with you!

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