Glimpse into Change

“A goal without  a plan is just a wish.”- Anonymous

I’m never without a plan…EVER. It’s part of my personality to want to know exactly what’s going to happen next. It could be as big as planning a career change, or as small as planning what chores are going to get done on a Saturday morning. I live for plans. However, when it comes to my goal to get out of my teaching career and find something else, I’m guilty of having spent the last few months wishing.

I stated in earlier posts that I wanted to be a teacher my whole life. I always played school, I liked visiting my parents classrooms, I asked for school supplies for Christmas from Santa! I loved my student teaching placements in college and I graduated ready to have my own classroom. Then my first day of school as a teacher came and it was far from what I imagined it would be like. Right off the bat, I was in tears daily, I wasn’t happy, I was so ready for dismissal each day so that I could go home! The worst part is, I spent my days like that for the past 7 years.

However, this summer, I had my son. I look at him and I think about how unhappy I am with teaching. I couldn’t bear to come home still burden by the stress of the day and not be able to give my full, positive attention to him. HE is what is important. HE is going to be one of the most important components of my life. My job as a teacher is just that. A job. I need to find another one. I can find another one. I HAVE found another one.

I’ve started my journey as a health/fitness coach and while it’s been a lot of work growing my social network and making contacts. I wake up ready to do it! I’m working on making a living by working out, having a super food shake, meal planning with my husband, and fueling myself with the right foods so I can care for myself and in turn I’ll be able to care for my family!

Why did I wait so long to pursue this?? I watched other health/fitness coaches and always told my husband that I want that life. I still want that life, but now, my goal of having that life has a plan to make it attainable!

It’s early in my journey but I’m so ready to share this with others because I just feel so motivated and uplifted in such a short period of time.  I’m providing a link to a group on Facebook that will provide ALL the information about coaching and the benefits of it. I’m also including a form that can be filled out for a challenge group if you’re ready to make a plan and achieve your health/fitness and wellness goals!

Join my team link:

Glimpse into Coaching Link:

Please reach out to me!! I’d love to hear you!

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