From Visions to Reality

“You must envision your world through the eyes of positivity and possibility. The moment you do that, you open up a world of endless abundance.” Cara Alwill Leyba: The Girl Code


My vision of the world has changed as I’ve gone through stages of my life. My vision today is different from when I was a single college student, to a fiance, to a teacher, a wife, and my vision today as a new mom is so drastically different. Just I’ve grown and evolved with my life experiences, so have my views and visions. But they have to right? That’s life.


When I was pregnant and teaching last year, almost everyday I had a moment or two of complete anxiety and dread. The idea of having to return to work after having my baby terrified me! How could I leave my baby? Would I miss out on milestones? Would I be too exhausted after a day of teaching to give my baby the attention and love they deserved?


Then, I started following women who were posting about this coach gig and I found I had a lot in common with them. Many of them were also teachers and new moms posting about how they’ve been able to extend their leaves to stay home with their babies, workout, fuel their bodies with super foods, inspiring other to do the same and earning an income while doing it!  At first I thought that there was no way I’d be able to make this work.  But as I kept watching them and learned more, they inspired me. I felt connected to them, and they’re message became my new vision!


Today, I sit here writing this post, with my son playing on his floor gym, and my puppy chewing on a bone nearby. Because I’ve starting coaching, I’ve been able to earn an income that has helped me to still contribute to our family account and I’ve been able to feel better about extending  my leave and remain at home with my son. My newest vision is becoming an reality and I have NO plans or stopping anytime soon.


I’m on a mission to connect with other women and moms who share similar visions. This coaching gig is a reason to smile each day and I’d be selfish not to share that with you.


Is this your vision too? Reach out and message me! Together, we can make visions a reality!

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